Project Name:

Completing and upgrade RI Nanomaterials and nanotechnologies for environment protection and sustainable future






48 months

Host Institution:

J. Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry of the CAS, v.v.i.

Partner Institutions:

Institute of Experimental Medicine AS CR, v. v. i
University of J. E. Purkyně in Ústí nad Labem
Technical University of Liberec

Responsible Person:

RNDr. Ing. Martin Kalbáč, Ph.D.

The project is financed from the Operational Programme Research and Education (OP VVV), which is a multi-year thematic program sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, within which it is possible in the programming period 2014-2020 draw on funds from the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESI +).

Research Programs of Pro-NanoEnviCz

RP1 - Analysis of organized nanostructured materials for heterogeneous catalytic processes for environmental protection and clean catalytic technologies

RP2 - Study of effective photocatalytic processes

RP3 - Biosensors for environmental and biomedical applications

RP4 - Analysis of adverse effects of nanomaterials

Management of the RI Pro-NanoEnviCz

Executive Board

RNDr. Ing. Martin KALBÁČ, Ph.D. (chairman)

Ing. Jan TOPINKA, DrSc. (vice chairman)

Prof. RNDr. PavIa ČAPKOVÁ, DrSc.

Ing. Tomáš LEDERER, Ph.D.


International Scientific Board

Prof. Svetlana MINTOVA (Directeur de Recherche, Laboratoire Catalyse & Spectrochimie ENSICAEN, France)

Dr. Rajender S. VARMA (Sustainable Technology Division, National Risk Management Research Agency USA)

Dr. Mária DUŠINSKÁ (NILU – Norwegian Institute for Air Research, Norway)