RP1 Analysis of organized nanostructured materials for heterogeneous catalytic processes for environmental protection and clean catalytic technologies

The objective of the proposed research activity of new Project is to obtain a detailed insight into the structure and texture of complex nanoporous materials and correlations with their functional properties in heterogeneously catalyzed reactions for degradation of pollutants in water, soil and air and in novel “clean” catalytic processes for chemical production.

RP2 Study of effective photocatalytic processes

The attention is paid to electrochemical and photoelectrochemical characterization of materials for photocatalysis and environmental protection, materials for direct water splitting and photocathode and photoanode materials for solar cells including functional barrier coatings for both dye-sensitizied and perovskite solar cells.

RP3 Biosensors for environmental and biomedical applications

Research program is focused on efficient sensing of pollutants, biosensing by new devices, application of new biosensors in monitoring of pollutants, magnetic sensors, advanced electrochemical sensors, graphene based nanosensors and/or magnetically assisted SERS sensors.

RP4 Analysis of adverse effects of nanomaterials

The aim of these studies is to assess the complete health and environmental risks of nanomaterials „in vitro“ and „in vivo“.